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We are living in a time when it seems there is no conscience about morality, where everyone seems to be lost in their own lives. There is no time for truth or real love, joy or any of the feelings that make us all part of the human experience....

But hope, faith and love are great walls, standing strong against the evils that surround us. They are our defenses, given to us from a place above. They are gifts, from God’s heart, purchased with his life and paid for with His blood. This sacrifice is our motivation…

It was in March 2000 that Elias (vocals) and Dan (guitar) talked for the first time while attending the same college, not knowing that they were called to work on the same mission. Soon came the time when Elias asked Dan, to join the band. During that time they started to learn more about each other, discovering that they had the same vision for their lives. Elias, the band's songwriter, began collaborating with Dan, the band's arranger and they soon realized they were an effective team.

Abraham (Cavern) became part of the band in an unusual way. He had no inclination towards the drums and his brother Elias basically, put him on the spot during an interview with a prospective producer, claiming he was the band's drummer. Abraham, who was there just because he liked his brother’s band, froze, not knowing what to say or do. (thank God they weren't asked to play)

The first three months we practice with acoustic guitars, and a home made trap set. (empty paint buckets, a kick pedal made from bed springs, a used snare drum and a second hand (badly beaten) cymbal.) July 1st of that year we made our first public appearance as a band. A gathering of a little more than 100 teenagers. It was the first time that Abraham played an actual drum set. That same day everyone realized this band had talent and potential.

In August of 2001 we were introduced to Pamela Clark and began working together along with Dennis Serrano who was her studio's producer at the time. In May of 2001, after a few songs were done, we decided to start again, co-producing our first album in GM Production's Salt Mine studio with Pam in February 2002. As we began our pre -production, we decided to arrange our songs in a heavier style which led us to write some new songs while we worked on other projects for other bands Pam was producing.

From January to February 2003 we recorded the album in English; then in May and June of that same year (2003) it was pre-mixed along with Eddy Bossano at GM Production's sister studio, IXOYE. We also translated and sang these songs in Spanish. In November we finished the final mix and sent it to Bill and Ben Kristanjano from Bread Of Stone who hooked us up with a great mastered project.